Basic Malware Analysis — Illusion Bot


Is the sample executable?

Is the sample packed?

When was the sample compiled?

Does the sample have other embedded executables in it?

What sub-system does the sample operate in?

What functions does the sample import / export?

What clear text strings does the sample have?

What changes were made to the Windows Registry?

Were any startup services installed by the sample?

What processes were running when the sample was executed?

What changes were made to the file system?

What network activity does the sample exhibit?

  1. The malware achieves persistence by replacing the default shell program (explorer.exe) with itself.
  2. It places itself in the firewall’s white list.
  3. It tries to join an IRC channel and most likely, waits for commands. It may be used for DoS attacks because there were clear text strings that referenced it.
  4. It tries to write to a file ntndis.exe, and the effect of this is unknown.

Developing YARA Rule





A budding malware analyst and threat researcher.

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A budding malware analyst and threat researcher.

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